Thermal Management

OPTEK understands every aspect of thermal management for your solid state lighting. We have the tools and expertise in-house to design the right thermal management system to ensure your solid state lighting performs at optimum levels for years to come.

Junction temperature directly affects the performance, reliability and life of LEDs in the following ways:

  • Reduced output power
  • Reduced forward voltage
  • Shifted dominant wavelength
  • Shifted color temperature
  • Reduced MTTF and accelerated degradation

The junction temperature depends on three factors:

  • Power dissipation
  • Thermal resistances of the substrate and assembly
  • Ambient conditions

OPTEK evaluates all thermal management considerations including:

  • Methods of removing heat
  • Thermal equilibrium
  • Analogy to electrical circuits
  • Determining junction temperate from forward voltage
  • Passive thermal management
  • Active thermal management

Our Application Bulletin 228, Thermal Management of Visible LEDs, will give you in-depth answers on how to manage the junction temperature of high-power visible light emitting diodes. Click here to read or download the bulletin.

Please feel free to contact our visible LED team at 972.323.2200 or send an email to We look forward to working with you.


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