Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I do not understand the IR LED power ratings
    The following Hyperlink is to an application note that covers this topic.
  2. Can I use Cyanoacrylates (Crazy Glue, Super Glue, etc.) on your switches?
    No, only use epoxy adhesives on our products.
  3. How much torque should I use to fasten down a switch?
    3 to 4 lb-in.
  4. What kind of plastics are OPTEK's switch housings made of?
    The materials most commonly used are polycarbonate and polysulfone.
  5. How do I select a slotted optical switch?
    Design considerations of speed, resolution, length of optical path, environment, performance, and cost impinge upon the proper selection of interruptive assemblies. OPTEK offers a wide selection of assemblies to meet design requirements. OPTEK’s slotted optical switches feature the following options.
    • Phototransistor (OPB380 Series) or Photologic (OPB480 Series) output
    • Gallium arsenide or gallium aluminum arsenide IR LEDs
    • Dual channel encoder devices (OPB822) in side-by-side or over-under configurations for speed, direction or movement, and relative position sensing
    • Various slot widths and depths
    • Different aperture widths in front of the sensor and emitter
    • Different mounting configurations
  6. How do I get technical assistance?
    If further help is needed to determine which slotted optical switch will meet your design requirements, contact technical assistance at:
    email: or call: 972.323.2308

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