Custom VLED Solutions

OPTEK has the expertise in all aspects of solid-state lighting. In our lighting solutions for you we first begin by evaluating the following design considerations:

  • Assembly Life Requirement – Junction Temperature
  • Power Consumption Requirement – Thermal Management
  • Luminous Intensity Requirement – LED Quantity
  • Beam Pattern Requirement – Secondary Optics
  • Cost Requirement – Alternate LED Consideration
  • Power Source Requirement – Drive Circuitry

OPTEK’s design capabilities enable us to truly customize the visible LED solution for you:

  • LED Characterization
  • Intensity
  • Beam pattern
  • Reliability
  • Package thermal resistance
  • Wavelength / CCT
  • Thermal Design
  • In-house substrate design and extrusion characterization
  • Outside thermal analysis and design
  • Optical Design
  • Oslo Optical Modeling Software
  • Optical design consultant available
  • Mechanical Design
  • Solidworks CAD
  • Electrical Design
  • PSICE modeling
  • Semiconductor manufacture field application engineers available

We insist on making sure the design is optimum for your application and utilize the following in design verifications:

  • Optical Design Verification performed in OPTEK’s VLED Lab
  • Luminous intensity / flux
  • Beam pattern
  • Wavelength / color temperature
  • Thermal Design Verification performed in OPTEK’s VLED Lab
  • IR camera
  • Junction temperature measurement
  • Electrical Design Verification performed in OPTEK’s Assembly Engineering Lab
  • Reliability/Environmental Design Verification performed in OPTEK’s Reliability Lab
  • High temperature storage
  • 85°C/85% RH storage
  • Thermal cycle / shock
  • Vibration – HALT and HASS
  • Chemical resistance

We provide you with full reports and analysis. We have been designing custom solutions for our IR customers over the past four decades so crossing over into the visible spectrum of light has been an exciting and simple process for us.

We are committed to helping you achieve your design solutions with velocity and accuracy; we can do this because we have all the tools necessary at our fingertips. Give us a call to discuss your custom visible LED solutions at 972.323.2200 or send us an email at We look forward to working with you.


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