Custom Sensing Solutions

Can’t find the right optoelectronic solution for your design? We’ll respond quickly to learn more about your application and provide you with a preliminary proposal within forty-eight hours. We have been in production within a month from initial customer contact on certain opportunities.

OPTEK is more than just a sensor component company. With our ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949 certified manufacturing facility and experienced engineering team, we've been providing fully assembled and tested optoelectronic assemblies to customers for nearly 40 years.

Committed to leveraging our technological resources and manufacturing expertise, we’ll provide innovative, value added solutions for your specific sensing needs. Below are a few examples illustrating OPTEK’s resources and capabilities:

Medical -
A medical customer began by purchasing off-the-shelf transmitter and receiver components from an authorized distributor for approximately $1.00 a pair.

Wanting to increase performance of the finished assembly, the customer asked OPTEK to provide specially selected parts. In order to reduce cost by consolidating the supply chain, the customer asked us to manufacture the whole assembly, including the optical components, PCB, connectors and wiring harness with the legacy design.

We further reduced the cost while increasing reliability by suggesting changes in the design of the assembly.

Banking - A banking equipment customer began by purchasing a standard OPB855 slotted optical switch for approximately $1.00.

In order to optimize their sensor assembly, the customer transitioned to a specially selected configuration, while using their own contract assembler.

OPTEK continued to add value by soldering the sensor, PCB and connector, and in turn, eliminating a step in thesupply chain.

Industrial -
An industrial customer began by purchasing discrete components from OPTEK, but continued using a contract manufacturer for assembly.

As is often the case, the customer migrated to specially selected transmitters and receivers, while still using the contract manufacturer for final assembly.

In order to solve alignment problems with the assembly, OPTEK redesigned the plastic housing, further enhanced the design with custom wires and connectors, and produced the complete assembly.

Contact our applications engineering team to find out how Optek can provide you with a better cost-effective sensing solution:


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