Applications 1-2-3

VLED Assemblies for Backlit Electrical Signs

Hall Sensor for High Reliability Brushless

Hall-Effect Actuation Systems for Aerospace Applications

Fluid Sensor for Hemodialysis Equipment

Sensors for Automated Teller Machines

High Speed Sortation Systems

Fluid Sensor for Hemodialysis Equipment

Long Range Optical Switch for Conveyor Systems

Optical Metering In Medical Infusion Pumps

Security Camera Night Vision Application

Door Safety Sensor Application

High Speed Mail Sorter

Delivery Optic Sensor for Vend Validation


Virtual Tradeshow
The Technology Showcase brings together our key products within selected vertical markets: medical, defence & aerospace, industrial, transportation and energy. Highlighting our latest and most innovative products, the Showcase helps you to choose the right products to develop your applications.

The LED lighting network